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California Microwave EF Data SDM-300 Modulator Manual


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California Microwave EF Data SDM-300 Modulator Manual

The SDM-300 Modulator Manual is a high performance, full-duplex, digital-vector, modulator/demodulator that meets the open network requirements of the INTELSAT Earth Station Standards (IESS) -308 and -309 emulation specifications for the following:

Intermediate Data Rate (IDR) INTELSAT Business Services (IBS) Satellite Multiservice System (SMS) Additionally, the modem can be used for any closed network satellite communication system.

The modem provides:
High performance with narrow occupied bandwidth Automatic signal acquisition High flexibility Extensive online monitoring circuits.

The modem contains the following additional features:
Fully Accessible System Topology (FAST) (refer to Appendix A)
8-Channel Multiplexer Option (refer to Appendix A)
Built-in self test (refer to Chapter 5)
Asymmetrical loop timing (refer to Appendix A)
IDR Engineering Service Circuit (ESC) channel option of 64k data or two audio channels (refer to Appendix A)
Space Link Remote Control (SLRC) (refer to Section
Selectable near or far end, baseband or interface loopback with any overhead option enabled.

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