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Comtech EF Data RC1150/1250 Redundancy Switch Manual


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Comtech EF Data RC1150/1250 Redundancy Switch Manual

This Redundancy Switch Manual provides operating and maintenance instructions for the RC1150 1:1 and RC1250 1:2 redundancy switch controllers, referred to in this manual as “the switch controller.”

A complete redundant system consists of:
RC1150 or RC1250 controller
Redundant amplifier plate with two or three LNAs
Interconnect cable up to 1,500′ in length

The switch controller (refer to Figures 1-1 and 1-2) performs the following functions:
Supplies +15V power to the LNAs.
Measures LNA current.
Performs calibration on LNA current.
Signals a fault with abnormal current deviation.
Sounds audio alarm on fault (can be disabled).
Switches LNA on a priority basis in auto mode.
Controls waveguide and coaxial switch position.
Provides FORM A and FORM C relay contacts for remote status.
Provides a 9-pin RS-485/-232 serial interface.
Normal/maintenance switch online during servicing.

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