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LMR-240 Type F to SMA Cable


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LMR-240 Type F to SMA Cable

LMR-240 Type F to SMA Cable consists of a brand new cable with Type F male connector on one end and SMA Female on the opposite end. Front end to end the cable measures 19″ at 75 ohm. Based on the attenuation levels shown on the specification sheet these cables are ideal for IF and L-Band Frequencies.

Bend Radius: installation in. (mm) 0.75 (19.1)
Bend Radius: repeated in. (mm) 2.5 (63.5)
Bending Moment ft-lb (N-m) 0.25 (0.34)
Weight lb/ft (kg/m) 0.034 (0.05)
Tensile Strength lb (kg) 80 (36.3)
Flat Plate Crush lb/in. (kg/mm) 20 (0.36)

LMR-240 Type F to SMA Cable

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